Elephant Trekking Safari-1 Night

Elephant Trekking Safari-1 Night tour is for the Sri Lanka trekking & safari lovers to experience trekking through the terraced rice fields, stay one night in the exciting lake bed camp and safari in the Wagamama National Park 

Grade Level- Smooth & Medium
Duration – One Night Two Days
Trekking Distance in Total – 20 KM

Day 1

High Knuckles Trekking


Knuckles Smooth Medium Trekking

Overnight stay at the Lake Bed Camp in Sorabora, Mahiyangana

Day 2 

Bird watching Tour, waterfall trekking and Wasgamuwa National Park Evening Safari, back to Kandy

DEPARTURE TIME Departure at 7:30 AM.
RETURN TIME At approximately 7:00 PM.
WEAR Comfortable clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen, swimming kit, towel, flip flops.
Professional instructor Entrance Tickets & Safari
Transport Up & Down Sleeping Bags
Tents Or Cabana for the night   Mineral water
Picnic lunch Tea with Snacks


EXCLUSIONS Tips and other expenses of a personal nature


Additional information

Group Size1 Pax, 2 Pax, 5 Pax, Above 5

DAY 01


7.30 AM – 9.30 AM: Transportation

After breakfast scenic drive from Kandy (500 M above sea level) to the Knuckles Range Area (1100 M above sea level) by passing Small village shops, Hindu temples, lush tea gardens & Tea Factories to start the trekking tour with your Expert Guide.

  • En route, you will have a tea break with snacks before going to the trek starting point.


9.30 AM – 3.30 PM: Trekking.

High Knuckles Trekking


Knuckles Smooth Medium Trekking


3.30 PM – 5.00 PM: Transportation & Overnight stay at Lake Bed Camping Site.

Proceed onwards to Sorabora Lake at Mahiyanganaya passing 18 hairpin bends.

  • You will enjoy the boat ride around the lake in the evening to see the bird life, swimming & the yummy SriLankan foods prepare in the camp site.

DAY 02


6.00 AM – 8.00 AM: See the sunrise & Bird watching tour and Breakfast.

Boat ride around the lake by boat to see the birdlife and see the sunrise in the early morning. You will love to swim in the lake.


8.00 AM – 12.30 AM: Drive and waterfall trekking

Rathna waterfall trekking – one of the beauties & widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Approximately 3 km trek, Swim in the Rathna waterfall & enjoying the traditional curry


12.30 PM – 5.00 PM: Drive to Wasgamuwa and evening safari.


5.00 PM – 7.00 PM: Drive back to Kandy.

Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range consists of 9 main mountain range and 35 supporting mountain peaks which gives magnificent scenic view and can be categorized as one of the most valuable UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka.
“Dumbara Mitiyawatha ” which means ” The Misty Valley ” is The Sri Lankan name for this mountainous area and later it named “Knuckles Range” by British. The entire Valley and the mountain area is around 21,000 hectares ( 155 Sq. KM) in extent and the peak is around 1900 M above Sea level.it is rich with varieties of flora, fauna, endemic species, and above 17 varieties of birds.
Knuckles Range is the best location in Sri Lanka for Hiking, Trekking & Adventure Camping tours for the nature lovers.
Trekking through remote local villages, tea estates, rice fields, vegetable fields, pigmy forests, plateaus swimming in Waterfalls, trekking along rivers, home spice gardens are highlights in knuckles trekking trips. Trekkers could also have the opportunity of bird watching, watching the sunrise, meeting up & interacting with villagers, and also encounter species such as Deer, Wild Bow, Barking deer, Deer monkey and various types of Lizards.

Sorabora lake Bed Camping

The picturesque tank of ‘Sorabora Wewa’ is Located in the historical town of Mahiyanganaya, Badulla District of Sri Lanka regarded as one of the earliest civilizations in Sri Lanka. It was believed to be built (161 BC – 137 BC) by a giant named Bulatha under the guides of great king Dutugemunu during his era.
This tank was known as the ‘Sea of Bintenna’, in the ancient past.
This tank is magnificently shaped between two natural stone sluice gates and these gates reveal evidence for how marvelous the engineering skills of our forefathers were. It is said that this is the only such type of sluice gate found in Sri Lanka.
There are some folktales regarding the building of the “Sorabora Wewa’ by Bulatha and one of the folktales is During his journey to the place, he is said to have brought sand and rock to the place where the ‘Sorabora wewa’ is located and built the dam across the river, creating a lake.
This tank and the surround is a great spot for Bird Watching, Camping, and Boat Riding also for Fishing.

We do camping at the lake valley, pretty close to the lake and it’s a tented campsite with good facilities for anybody who like to feel the calm & quiet nature experience. We will arrange you a bonfire, sing songs, dinner with traditional SriLankan foods, and a night of comfortable sleep.

Wasgamuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa National Park is bordered by River Mahaweli Ganga and River Amban Ganga in east and west by spanning over 36,900 hectares.

The altitude varies from over 500m at the Sudu Kanda hill to just 76m along the Mahaweli Ganga.

The center of the attraction is herds of elephants up to 180. Also, we can find some other wildlife includes Purple-faced langur monkeys, samba and spotted deer, wild boar,  buffalo, and sloth bears, and rarely sighted leopards. Among the reptiles are water monitor, estuarine crocodile, and python (Python Molurus), mugger crocodile.

There are 143 species of birds reported at Wasgamuwa National Park that are endemic Ceylon jungle fowl and Red-faced malkoha is a common sight in the park.

We can find some endemic birds population like Sri Lanka Trogon, racquet tailed drongo, endemic yellow fronted barbet, endemic Sri Lanka spurfowl, white-necked stork, and lesser adjutant stork.

Elephant Trekking Safari-1 Night
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